Men Find Comfort in Pockets Too!


When pocket dresses first came on the scene, I was a tad envious of the comfort thrown the way of women. This slight bit of detail added to the ever so casual dress left an insatiable feeling within me as I frowned upon the four pockets that lay plastered on my pants.

As the trend became ubiquitous, I watched countless women prance up and down 5th Avenue with a renewed sense of comfort and an aura that exuded a solace I longed so desperately to have. Poise replaced awkwardness and I wanted that…

I wanted more pockets; comfortable, effortless pockets that you didn’t feel like you were digging for gold just to get your hands into them (which is often the case when you wear fitted jeans or pants).

Those desires and odd urges to plunge my hands into some ornate comfy pockets have finally come courtesy of Richard Chai and Giorgio Armani SS09 collections. If this is due to telepathy, I’m thankful because it seems these two heeded my want for an alternate port of escape (I’m trying to purge those fidgety moments of nail biting) for my busy hands.

I know we men may be a bit cagey in some facets of life, but pent-up we are not when it comes to expressing our masculine sensibilities of comfort. Both Chai and Armani’s collections trumped ease over a close-fit and left me smiling over the newfound androgyny in garments with oddly placed pockets!

I admit though, for us men, the frontal pockets of a hooded sweatshirt are a suitable refuge to comfortably bury one’s hands into, but they don’t rival the chic of the pocket dress. What’s more, we’ve one-upped the pocket dress by having the choice of pocketed shorts and shirts! Women 1, Men 2!



  1. Ah…Pocket dresses for men, fashion will never cease to amaze me, i like the idea..might be a bit foreign to some though and perhaps a little feminine to some men. However, like most trends..its bound to catch on..:)

  2. I’m glad that the author was able to finally able to exhale in his conquest for the ultimate comfort-carrying addition to men’s fashion- the pocket : )I def. agree with Chom… don’t know how the look will hold up in some of the more urban settings, but I’m most positive that we’ll spot some guy, up on his fashion sense, rocking the pocket dress in sheer style and comfort.

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