The Plot Thickens: Ankle Socks Spotted in Sweden


Just the other day, I reported on the ankle sock and lace-ups trend that sprouted over the course of the spring/summer men’s shows in Milan and Paris.

Yes, ankle socks are slowly becoming a source of comfort and style for those men who would rather not go sockless for the summer. And, ahem, given I’m not one to endorse socklessness; I’m mighty thrilled at this development.

However, as with most trends, for it to reach bonafide status it helps to have a following beyond just one individual and one locale.

The Sartorialist spotted the ankle sock in Milan and Paris during the spring/summer 2009 men’s shows and my hopes were ignited. Now all the way in the blonde hair, blue-eyed, avant-garde populous of Sweden, Face Hunter has sighted yet another ankle sock look and I’m feeling real gutsy about rocking ankle socks avec dress shoes!

I don’t know about you all, but I think we’ve stumbled unto something here…stay tuned!

[Image: Face Hunter]


  1. No, it’s really hot! You should totally rock them! PLUS I’d love to see the new ankle sock designs that’ll stem from this!

  2. In fact I’ll give it a try too.

  3. Just love to wear ankle socks out n about a great look for both men and women with sexy ankles! The best r the short ones you can just see shame the mens’ colours are so staid.


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