Timeless Fashion: Investing in a Leather Jacket


Clothes shopping is somewhat like playing the stock market: you make a sound investment and it pays off beautifully in the long-term.

Purchasing a leather jacket is one of those investments that requires a great deal of prudence. Unlike a pair of out-of-favour jeans or a relegated t-shirt, a leather jacket’s use should span a number of years if not a lifetime. The challenge, however, is selecting the right jacket.

A lot of factors such as one’s age, personality, and the intended utility of the jacket, play a part in the search and GQ does their bit to ensure that futility never befalls any leather jacket you purchase.

GQ’s comprehensive how-to guide tosses out some options and offers a range of do’s and don’ts on making sure the fit and style of your leather jacket are top notch!

Begin your “How To Buy A Leather Jacket” quest here.



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