Vogue Homme Japan Revisted!


Vis-à-vis the Vogue Homme Japan cover critique, it seems as though we stepped on a few toes and egos in the process. However, the cover that was made public a few weeks back—causing a wealth of debate along the way—was a curveball!

Yes, Hedi Slimane slyly released a bogus/teaser monochromatic-themed cover, which served its intended purpose—stir trouble and shake up the rumor mill. This time around, we feel there’ll be marked improvement in the unison that surrounds the real Vogue Homme Japan cover.

A positive note is that the unadulterated cover that has hit stands takes a nod to the elegant goth style that has been popularized in Japan. Simplicity and elegance are imbued in the aesthetic such that a conservative palette of black and white with the slight pop of a dark-hued color—the dark pink backdrop and the fiery red of his tattoos provide credence—tend to come to the fore. Likewise, the embellishments and makeup often follow the same limited palette.

Owing to the visual synthesis of modern-day Japanese fashion, we’re particularly drawn to the sculptural shape the jacket takes on as it sits draped over the shoulder. Now it’s not to say that the previous “cover” that was floating around was not well shot or horribly styled, but we would be more inclined to snap up a copy of Vogue Homme Japan given this current cover.

Any thoughts, please share!



  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same model as the “bogus” cover. We all know that Hedi Slimane likes it thin, but emaciated is another thing. However, you do have to be that way to wear his clothes, so…

  2. It’s the same model, Ashley Stymest from Models1. And yes, to enjoy fashion one most look somewhat trim, tall and terrific hence why Karl Lagerfeld lost weight

  3. That’s the nicest cover I’ve seen in a looooooong time. I think I need to start buying Vogue Hommes Japan!


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