Rogan Service Belt Calls for a Slim Silhouette


As steep as the ideal of perfectionism may seem, there are moments in fashion where close to impeccable can be reached. Mind you, here at MFL For Him, diehard skinny jeans aficionados are nowhere to be seen, but in the case of pants and styling such, it is always wise to go with a lean, fitted silhouette as opposed to a gargantuan one. Our point being ones’ pants should fit such that the use of a belt can become somewhat of a whimsical styling choice and not a tug of war in the event your awfully slack pants require the extra eyelets or two.

So if a partiality for tailored and tapered pants presides in your wardrobe, then we think you’ll be drawn to Rogan’s service belt.

Coming in a wet or jet black finish sans belt buckle, it is the slim, understated visage of the Rogan service belt that makes it a must have item come fall. $84 available at Aloha Rag


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