Check This New Trend Out!


It seems as though designers have found inspiration from the Scottish highlands this season as runways at the Autumn/Winter 2008 shows saw the return of the check.

Dsquared and Rykiel Homme were among the names responsible for bringing the multicoloured woven cloth back to life once more as shirts, trousers, jackets and ties all gleamed with checks.

The pattern, which was once a key fabric associated with the era of punk, has now been adapted by high street stores as well. Topshop are now following suit with the launch of their new ‘thinking mans’ trend. This season you’re invited to rediscover the style of the American creative types in the 1960s with checked ties, trilbies, bow ties and cotton cardigans. Checks also come on shirts and casual open neck tops in a range of patterns and colour schemes.

So instead of reaching for the safety of an effortlessly cool black shirt when dressing for your next night out, remember that the checks are back and it’s most definitely time to ensure that you don’t blend in to the background.

To see checks in all their glory, check out Topman, ASOS and Urban Outfitters this month.

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