Play with Givenchy…


Justin Timberlake…you may or may not like him but one thing is for sure: you must respect him

Even if you’re not a fan of the singer you have got to take your hat off to him.

He’s transformed from a boy forming one fifth of a successful boy band, N*Sync to a real man.  He has managed to not only turn himself into a worldwide solo artist, he has also sold millions of records, dueted with many famous music names, had film roles, saved himself from the troubled Britney and into the arms of extremely attractive model, Jessica Biel and is now the face of the new Givenchy Play fragrance.

The new scent promises a masculine aroma through a fusion of black pepper, coffee flower, orange and vetiver which makes it a fragrence that you do not want to be without this winter.

And to make it even more desirable, the bottle is based on the famous ipod shape with play, rewind and forward buttons and will be available in 50ml and 100ml bottles in all pharmacies.

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