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Machismo or Metro? McCain Spends $5000+ on Makeup

John McCainIf you thought GOP vice-president nominee, Sarah Palin’s wardrobe expenditure on the campaign was exorbitant, her running mate, Sen. John McCain, blew her out of the park with recent revelations that the presidential candidate has doled out wads of dollars all in the name of aesthetics. And Obama’s supposed to be the celebrity?!

While Palin’s $150,000 campaign wardrobe was all the fuss, it would do us all some good to peep on over to how the potential head-of-state is spending his finances.

When it comes to make-up alone, McCain spent a whopping $5,583.43 in comparison to Palin’s $4,716.49 on hair and makeup. Mind you, McCain’s expenses were for make-up alone so we wonder what the bill would have looked like if he fancied some hair primping…oh, we forgot: he’s balding!

Taken together, this type of behaviour from Palin and McCain illustrates that we have a pair of frivolous spenders on the GOP ticket, but then again all this spending is consistent with Republican mantra of “big spending” init!

But on a more fashionable note, McCain’s assumed penchant for superstar makeup crews to swoon over him is a hint to the ever changing face of grooming in today’s society. Neologisms like metrosexual have been thrown around to sketch out this new breed of men who exhibit a concern for their appearance. However, when aged, military vets who spend much of their days on the fashionably dire Hill (Capitol Hill, Washington, DC folks) are cavorting about with star studded makeup crews that consist of Tifanie White (she does tune up jobs for American Idol), then you start to wonder whether men are truly the new women!



  1. I have to agree with you, men are becoming more preoccupied with their appearances, and it’s not just movie stars political candidate and every day men are worrying too. We now have men that wax their eyebrows to make them look perfect, we have waxing their bodies, and even using eye makeup. It’s not just a girl thing anymore….men are truly the new women.

  2. was here!

    lol @ McCain balding! Low blow! But it’s the truth init???

    I think what really shocks me is he spends more than Palin!!!! On makeup!!!! I mean seriously???

    Love the new site by the way…

  3. Belinda-anne Clayton Nyananyo

    “men are truly the new women”…..hmmm

  4. “men are truly the new women”…..hmmm

    Interesting in deed ! Seeing that for years now women
    are becoming more like the new men. In dress (I dont mean “a” dress),
    corporate status etc… woman are doing just about every
    thing that used to be strictly in a mans world. The line
    was blending years ago but largely in one direction.
    So, some men are starting to blend too.
    From my point of view its about time.

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