Lab Series Skincare for Men: The Art to Flawless Skin


Fact: men crave flawless skin. I know this because a male friend of mine is constantly asking for skincare tips. No he’s not gay. There seems to be a pervading stereotype that only gay men care about their looks. Not true!

If you’re wondering, I have just two pieces of advice…drink lots of water and find a good moisturizer. Or try natural remedies, saw palmetto – and look where to buy saw palmetto – is meant to be good for acne for example. If that’s not enough, check out the book Top to Toe – The Modern Man’s Guide to Grooming..

A collaboration between Lab Series Skincare for Men and Tony Glenville, Top to Toe is packed with essential grooming techniques including fashion and style advice. Best of all the book is free with any purchase over £35 from Lab Series.

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