Topman launches AAA collection


Calling all would-be rocks stars: if you like your jeans skinny and your hat worn at a jaunty angle the get ready for the AAA collection for Topman.

The rebellious-musician look continues to be a popular menswear trend and following a demand that Topman Design Director Gordon Richardson describes for ‘a range that made you look and feel like a rock star,’ Topman has delivered as usual, with the creation of the truly rock ‘n’ roll influenced AAA collection.

The campaign, which is fronted by Louis Simonon – son of legendary clash bass player Paul Simonon, features a moody looking Louis in a typical black and white backstage setting. Two components which are of course essential for that bona fide rock star appeal.

The collection itself is a mix of skinny tailoring and luxe-feel jerseys in a palette of monochrome. Sharp blazers and wet-look jeans¬†give the collection that overall lean and edgy silhouette. And for that true indie-boy aesthetic there’s also a¬†range of accompanying accessories that includes a feather tipped hat, the classic studded belt and a velvet skinny scarf.

Who needs authentic rock ‘n’ roll style when you can pop down to Topman and buy it off the peg?

The AAA collection launches in Topman flagship stores on 27th may.

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