Todd Lynn ‘Himmy’

It’s something we never thought we’d be telling you about, but it is indeed true – uber cool designer Todd Lynn has ventured into the kitchen and brought his design skills to a collaboration with Philips kitchen collection. Yes, we’re as surprised as you are.

Best known for his edgy catwalk shows and being designer to the rock ‘n’ roll elite, the kitchen is the last place we thought we’d find the design talent of Todd Lynn. To accompany their range of super sleek premium kitchen appliances, Philips have teamed up with the top designer to create a high-end limited edition pinafore for men. Commenting on the collaboration Todd said he has ‘tried to reflect [the collection’s] performance led design in the ‘Himmy’ whilst also demonstrating the razor sharp style found in my collections.’


There’s no denying that the ‘Himmy’ is far more stylish that your standard comedy bulging-biceps apron, but we’re not sure its going to be the must have item of the season. Although the slate grey durable cotton is offset nicely with neutral toned panels that make it really quite on trend.


So if you want to ensure you look razor sharp in the kitchen and want to get your hands on this limited edition piece then visit Philips to find out how.

Who knows, the Todd Lynn kitchen range could be the next big thing when it comes to getting that rock ‘n’ roll look. We might even see the likes of Bono sporting one in the near future…

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