Nigel Cabourn for Oki-Ni

Top online destination for shopping the best in menswear and all-round cool lifestyle site Oki-Ni have just released the latest in their series of designer archives, and this time it’s menswear designer Nigel Cabourn.

His eponymous label references vintage style, in particular military apparel and outerwear, and recently Oki-Ni made a trip up to Newcastle to visit Nigel’s own collection of vintage pieces.

Kept in a warehouse at the bottom of his garden, Nigel’s exhaustive collection houses prototypes of authentic military coats and hundreds of vintage menswear pieces. The guys at Oki-Ni couldn’t resist taking some snaps of Nigel’s truly amazing archive and in the name of fashion they wanted to share them with you.

For an insight into Nigel’s design process and for a sneak-peak inside his archive visit Oki-Ni for the full release of the photo.

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