Louis Vuitton: Journey of a Man’s Wardrobe, London.

It’s been a tale of many cities; taking in culture and influences from around the world, Louis Vuitton and The Selby have escorted us on the far-reaching journey of a man’s wardrobe and today the final stop on the map is released.

It began in Paris, at the heart of the brand, with a visit to the family home and workshop in Asnieres, before taking in the studio and the buzz of a ready-to-wear men’s catwalk show in the centre of the city.

Next on the whistle-stop tour we visited the diverse city of Shanghai where we were introduced to one of China’s most influential designers Les Suen, before moving on to the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo, where MC Verbal and designers Tatsuya Matsui and Yasumichi Morita were our cultural guides.

Next it was New York – the big city with even bigger personalities. After meeting entrepeneur Andre Balazs in Soho, it is on to the garment district where we encounter discerningly stylish Waris Ahluwalia, a talented jewellery designer and actor.

So it is now that we arrive in London, the finale of the grand world tour – and a fitting city in which to bring the journey to an end – as Louis Vuitton celebrate the opening of their New Bond Street store on May 28th.

Tim Marlow, the art historian and writer, and rising star of the contemporary art scene Oliver Clegg are among the London boys that complete the journey of a man’s wardrobe. As we meet our city guides, the chimes of Big Ben ring out in the background, only to be disturbed by the drone of city sirens and the familiar voice of ‘Mind the gap’.

Visit Louis Vuitton’s Journey of a Man’s Wardrobe to experience the fifth and final installment now.

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