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Follow the masses and get your Converse today!

Kanye West might be all over the Yeezy trainers (the foot candy he designed with Nike) but not every man is willing to literally walk in his shoes. While Kim Kardashian‘s other half and a host of his other rapper pals might not be ready give up their Nike’s just yet, Converse trainers still remain as one of the most popular types of footwear in the world for both men and women; and given their iconic timeless design, it’s not hard to see why!

If you think the Converse brand has been around forever, then you’re not far off, because the first shoes were invented back in 1908. Although the classic black and white design is just as – if not more – popular as it was back in the day other Converse creations are also taking the world by storm too.

Not only are they a great sports shoe (we don’t need to tell you how many basketball stars, tennis players, skateboarders and other athletes swear by them) but they make casual dressing a breeze.

The majority of styles and colours tend to go with most daywear, and given the right accessorising, can actually translate well into nightwear too provided you’re not attending a black tie event.

You only need to look at all the male and female celebs rocking their Converse on a daily basis to understand the full extent of their popularity. And you can even get some cheeky styling tips from them too. Actors such as Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford and Ben Affleck, and singers like Bruno Mars and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong are just a few of the famous faces who swear by Converse trainers, be it the popular Chuck Taylor All -star designs or something a little bit more individual.

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