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Get the perfect walking boots at Regatta

We Brits like to be prepared don’t we? So with that in mind, you wouldn’t go on a long expedition in the countryside without investing in a good pair of walking boots, would you? Even our future King and Queen Prince William and Kate Middleton got suited and booted in the correct attire on their recent expedition, so there’s no excuse for you guys to not do the same.

If you’re in the market for some of the best walking boots – Regatta Online should be your first port of call. Conveniently all nicely laid out for you so there’s minimal effort on your part – all you really need to do is make the (tough) decision of which pair you actually want. And the info for each individual piece of footwear is very helpful, as the description tells you everything you need to know, such as whether the shoes are waterproof or not, how they fasten, whether or not they have fleece lining (this will come in very handy when it gets even nippier outside, trust us!) and more.

We know you probably won’t be going on an expedition every weekend (if you are though we take our metaphorical hats off to you for your dedication!) but even so, we predict any one of the shoes on the website will be an investment buy. This is Britain after all – with all the showers and unexpected snowfalls we tend to get, you can never be too prepared.

Regatta also stocks some pretty nifty women’s shoes and boots too, so if the other half is in the market for some, you know where to send her. We hope this makes your quest for the perfect expedition boot a lot easier – happy shopping!

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