Reactionary Design of Projek Raw Keeps Customers Coming Back


Designers who listen to their customers and react to what they want are few and far between. Designers are artists, and as such, many of them express themselves through their art, which sometimes leaves little room for including customers in the process. However, this is not the way that Projek Raw works. Founded in 2001, Projek Raw is for open-minded and spirited people.

Projek Raw is committed to communicating with their customers. They want their customers to express exactly what they are looking forward to in the upcoming season so that there can be more individuality in their brand for their consumers – this is what keeps them coming back.

Listening to Customers

While it would seem that the smart thing for any business would be to listen and respond to their customers’ ideas, this is not always the case with larger brands. When it comes to an art form like clothing design, it may seem difficult for some artists to incorporate someone else’s ideas and thoughts into their own. However, Projek Raw makes this an essential part of their business model. They use consumer feedback as a way to develop and create their projects to ensure that every collection they release will not only meet the needs of their customers but their wishes.

Young professional men love Projek Raw for more than their urban style and sleek designs. Men want clothes that are not only comfortable but fresh and current. They don’t want to look like everyone else who shops at the local mall and big box stores. They want to express their style and individuality through their clothing. Projek Raw allows them this kind of freedom.

Projek Raw seeks consumer feedback because they want to design distinct and unique clothing for men. The CEO and founder of Projek Raw, Dov Cohen, said, “Projek Raw was created with the inspiration for the young man looking for trendy fashions. He wants to look current and even a little ahead of the fashion trend. Every time we develop a new item, that’s the question we ask ourselves, ‘is this fresh, is this trendy, is this different? Most important, does it look like everyone else?’ If it does, throw away the design.”

Finding Your Personal Style

Having an open-minded attitude about style means that you want to experiment with color, patterns, materials, and more. If that describes you, then Projek Raw was made for you. Individuality is the name of the game with Projek Raw. They want you to find out and express your personal style.

If you are not sure what your style is, then Projek Raw is also for you. You already have the attitude that will make you enjoy the different styles of clothing that are offered by Projek Raw. Take a look at their style lookbook for new jackets, vests, t-shirts, blazers, polo shirts, and sweaters for the fall. They add to their collections all the time. All of the pieces you need are included in the Projek Raw collection. Whether you need more casual weekend clothing, or you want a more professional look for your job, the fashion choices at Projek Raw are sure to fit you.

Their Ever Changing Collections

The great thing about Projek Raw is that each new season brings a new collection for men to enjoy. New colors and new fabrics are introduced in each collection to set the season apart from others. Spring/Summer 2016 brought us a focus on denim and versatility, while Fall/Winter 2016 brings us a renewed focus on street wear with more sweaters, vests, and jackets. They have listened to what their customers wanted for both warm and cold weather, and they have given it to them as much as possible.

Projek Raw comes out with new designs all the time. Their designers ensure that they have fresh looks for a new season that fits not only your local climate but also the upcoming fashion trends that are on the horizon. They take their inspiration from European design, and this gives them the fresh and trendy look that leads many men to purchase their clothes. Additionally, they take what their customers say into consideration when they create new lines of clothing to ensure that they meet the needs of their customers.

When you are looking to update your style, Projek Raw is a great way to express your own individuality and personal fashion simply because they listen to the needs and wants of their customers. Whether you are more contemporary or more traditional, these pieces will translate well with almost any style to give you a comfortable and fresh look that will go from weekdays to weekends with no problem. Take a look at their website to see your options today.

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