How to pick the perfect jewelry for your formal attire?

Attending an event requires a lot of planning, even if you are a simple guest. If it is a special occasion than you will need to dress accordingly, and this can be quite a challenging task, especially for ladies. Finding a beautiful dress is not enough, and you will also have to think about all the other details, such as shoes, hair or makeup.

As always, its the little things that count. That is why accessories can be the ones that save your outfit. Choosing the right jewelry however is not simple at all since you will need to take into account various factors. In this article you will find some jewelry guidelines that should help you make a decision.

Find the jewelry that matches your outfit

Your clothes are very important, since they have to be a perfect match with the jewelry. In some cases, you cannot wear certain jewelry because the outfit does not allow it. For example, if you are wearing high neck dress, a necklace is not a good idea. Instead try choosing some rings or bracelets.

On the other hand, if you are wearing something off shoulder you can pick a beautiful pair of earrings in order to accentuate your neckline even more. If you will be wearing a vneck you can try layered strands.

When it comes to the style of jewelry you will need to think about your personality as well as your outfit. If you are wearing a simple white dress you can pair it up with some classical silver jewelry, or if you choose some colorful chunky pieces if you want to attract the attention.

Jewelry should represent you and this means that it can also be a way of showing off your heritage. Therefore, you can go for something like Jewish jewelry, or a piece of jewelry that has been in your family for generations.

Dressed for the occasion

If you are invited as an event, your outfit should match its theme”. For example, if you are going to an event that is more casual you do not have to wear a gown and this means that you can relax when it comes to your jewelry as well. You can wear something that is not very sophisticated and match it with a piece of jewelry that is simple and yet symbolic. If you want something that carries meaning you can go right ahead and wear your lucky bracelet or wear Kabbalah Jewelry.

However, if the event is formal you will need to choose something precious and elegant and your outfit should be graceful as well. If you are not sure what is the right choice, you can always choose black dress and discreet gold jewelry. Sometimes, even a pair of earrings should be enough.

Nevertheless, unless the event is an extravagant one, you should not overaccessorize. Keeping it simple is usually the key to success and you wont need too much jewelry if you know how to pick the right pieces.

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